The Bollywood Tacos strives to be the spot to go for the local neighbourhood as well as being a destination location for people from other parts of the city. We bring this to you by providing a menu that is familiar to people but with a Indian twist by incorporating Indian ingredients and spices into dishes . Having been in the food industry for many years we have only gotten better with time like the fine wine. A modern restaurant with a touch of the rustic charm enhanced by our friendly staff, Indian & Mexican diverse menu, and drink selections that'll widen the horizon of your taste buds, is what's waiting for you at The Bollywood Tacos. At Simcoe and Bond easy access to a finer experience at an affordable price without a hit to your wallet so that you can keep coming back for more! Bringing you great value, outstanding service, beautiful atmosphere and overall a memorable experience is our focus.

-indian inspired mexican street food-  

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